81-Year-Old Diabetic Man with Peripheral Artery Disease and Carotid Artery Disease Reports Rapid Improvement on the Linus Pauling protocol with Tower's Ascorsine-9

September 3, 2012

Denver Wood, Rochelle, Texas

"I am 81 years old and have been a type II diabetic and have been on insulin for many years.  I also have high blood pressure.

My health problems began around May 2011 when my feet started swelling.  Within a month (June 2011) another symptom developed when I began blacking out (syncope). Every time I would lie down and start getting up I would black out.  Getting up after sitting down would sometimes cause me to black out also.

Over the next few months the swelling had moved all the way up into my mid thigh area.  During this time I had ulcers coming up on my lower legs.  I was getting rid of the ulcers using a natural remedy, but new ulcers were constantly showing up.  I later started using Terrasil to get rid of my ulcers which worked very well.  My legs were very swollen, feverish, inflamed, scaly and very painful.  My shins and calves were as hard as a rock.  I couldn't sleep at night because my legs hurt so bad and also I had to sleep sitting up so I wouldn't black out when arising.  After arising in the morning my lower legs felt like two sticks attached to my body because I had no feeling in them.  I would have to work my legs and try to get the circulation going in them.

About September 2011 I went several times to a physician in Brady, Texas.  He really didn't do anything for me.  He said he would have to run some tests to find out what was going on, so I decided to make an appointment with a VA physician in Kerrville, Texas to get the tests done.  I believe it was in October 2011 that I went to him.  He didn't do anything but tell me to come back in three months.

I went back to the VA physician in Kerrville, Texas I believe in January 2012 and he set it up for me to go to the VA hospital in San Antonio to do some tests on my carotid arteries and my legs.  I also began taking 600 mg of Ibuprofen because the pain in my legs was almost unbearable.  So I believe it was February 2012 that I took two trips to San Antonio for the tests. 

On April 9, 2012 I started taking Tower Laboratories' Ascorsine 9.  I took two scoops a day (one in the morning and one at night) and continued that regimen every day.

There really wasn't much change when I went back to the physician on 5-2-12, but I could feel it working in my legs.  The tests showed my right leg to be mildly clogged and the left leg to be moderately to severely clogged.  To me both legs were bad.  The carotid arteries showed to be 50-79% blocked on both arteries (bilaterally).  My physician told me to come back in three months.  He told me to try and get my blood sugar under better control since my A1C test showed my blood sugar to be high (9).

I continued to take the Ascorsine-9 (one scoop in the morning and one at night).  I wasn't even taking the therapeutic dose either (which is 2-3 jars monthly).  Between 1 1/2 and 2 months the swelling had gone down below my knees.  I could continue to feel it working in my legs.  By the end of June 2012 (about 2 1/2 months later), my legs and feet were completely down to normal, with no more ulcers and no more swelling or pain.  My calves became soft and pliable,  where as before they were as hard as a rock.  I still have a little scaling on the area of my legs between the ankles and my calves but that's all.  My legs don't hurt anymore at all.  I feel sure the Ascorsine 9 cleared out my carotid arteries as well, because I have been able to lie down in bed since the end of June 2012 without blacking out.

My daughter and I went back to the VA physician on August 15, 2012.  He and his nurse seemed very surprised at how good my legs looked and how good I was doing.  He pricked my toes and my feet to see if I had feeling in them, and I did.  He didn't do that on any of the other visits.  I think he was curious if I had feeling in my feet and toes, whereas before he figured I didn't have any feeling so he didn't even check my feet.  He also had my blood sugar checked again using the A1C test (it tests your blood sugar for the past threee months).  My tests had been running at 9 to 9.7.  In May 2012 the A1C test was 9.  The physician said 6 was normal, but for a diabetic 7 was okay.  And on 8-15-12 my A1C test was 7.4 (after I had been on the Ascorsine-9 for four months).  I believe the Ascorsine 9 was what lowered my blood sugar to a more normal range.  It is obvious my physician knew I was doing much better because he told me I didn't have to come back for six months.  When my daughter was leaving his office she said, "You need to check into Ascorsine-9 and read on the computer about it."  He said, "Oh, I intend to." 

Ascorsine 9 has been a lifesaver for me.  I feel like it saved my life and gave me back my health.  I am so grateful God has led me to this product so I could get better.  I would recommend this product to anyone, and my daughter is telling everyone about Ascorsine -9.  Several of my family members are now on Ascorsine-9." 

Denver Wood
Rochelle, Texas

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