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Vitamin C Foundation
PO Box 73172
Houston,  Texas  77273

August 22, 2000

William Decker
Tower Laboratories Corporation
3432 N. Bruce Street, Suite 3
North Las Vegas, NV  89030

Dear Mr. Decker,

Please accept the following preliminary Pilot Study results of the Tower Heart Technology formula's effect on serum Lp(a).  After receiving Lp(a) tests on the following individuals, they were provided 2 months of the Heart Technology product. We followed up their second Lp(a) exam with a questionaire to determine dosage and compliance.

After several initial Lp(a) increases, all subjects that have reported their results have now recorded significant reductions in their Lp(a). One female dropped out with stomach cramps. Four others (two female and two male) have not reported their follow-up results as of this date.

Eight subjects reported both before and after Lp(a) readings. In this group, the reported drop in Lp(a) averages 68%.

This pilot study was begun after individuals who measured their before/after Lp(a) consistently reported substantial Lp(a) reductions after starting the Tower formula. The study is on-going. We can make the before/after lab reports available for inspection.
Yours truly,

M. S. Till
Lp(a) Study Director
Vitamin C Foundation